Sunday, April 6, 2008

This week: Pat Duffy, Michael Morical, and Ellen Peckham

This week at Phoenix we're thrilled to have three very exciting spotlight readers. Their bios appear below.

As always, there will be an open mic following the spotlight readers, and copies of the new annual Phoenix review will be available.

Pat Duffy is the author of the book Blue Cats, which is about synesthesia--the phenomenon where people can experience words as having color or music as having shapes. Pat has been interivewed about her research in this area by media including NPR, Newsweek, and the Discovery Channel. Pat's special interest is in what she terms "personal coding": the unique way in which each person codes information and makes a one-of-a-kind "inner map" of the world around them.

Michael Morical has been writing since he was eight years old. He has made a living as an English teacher, tester of hay fever medication and assistant mis-translator of B movie scripts for Chinese subtitles. He lives in Taipei. His work has appeared in The New York Quarterly, Rattapallax, The Antigonish Review, and other publications. His chapbook, Sharing Solitaire, will be published in September, 2008.

Ellen Peckham is a painter and poet whose work is being collected and archived at the Harry Ransome Center for the Humanities at the University of Texas--Austin. With her husband Anson she opened AEAtelier the first gallery in Chelsea, NY.

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mvidibor said...

You need to follow this link to see and hear Michael Graves reading his powerful poetry and talking about his work on youtube. Fabulous video. I am so proud of you Michael.