Sunday, April 13, 2008

This week: George Spencer

Join us this week for spotlight poet George Spencer and an open reading.

George Spencer graduated from a famous college when it was easy to get in, hard to get thrown out. He was a very bad student; mostly drank, played billards, examined his sexuality and went to poetry readings. He has always painted and made collages. A couple of years ago he started
writing poetry. He lives in Ecuador 6 months each year. Among the dead (this refers to the writers not him) he is a great fan of all the Elizabethans, ee cummings, Philip Larkin, Baudelaire, Celine, some of the Language Poets, etc. He has or will have poems in Poetry Midwest, Nomad's Choir, Caveat Lector, Rain Tiger, Asinine Poetry, clwdwr, and Phoenix. He has read his work at Cafe Libro in Quito as well as at various venues in NYC. He has an Eiffel Tower of rejections. He is working on a chapbook to be called The Obscene Richness of Our Times.

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